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CMG Design Studios

CMG Design Studios

Brownwood, TX


CMG Design Studios is a private home gallery displaying some of the original fine art work of artist Christopher Gaston. The gallery is viewable only by appointment. For appointments and other information, please call 325-641-0175

With no formal training, Christopher has developed his own distinctive style of fine art by weaving vivid colors into carefully knit textures which are then brought to life through rich movement within light and shadows.

100% of the profits of all sales of any of our work go to the work of ending the human sex trafficing slave trade. All proceeds go to Make Way Partners organization who have worked relentlessly in the areas of Sudan and Romania where women and children are at the highest risk of becoming victims of human trafficing and the sex trade. You can find more information about Make Way by visiting their site Make Way Partners
If you would like to help, you can make a donation directly to Make Way Partners


Best of Show

What is in a name

Abstract Expressionism & Grunge

Spiritual and Inspirational

Modern Abstracts

Painted Faces

Guitar and Music related


Wow Factor

Etherial and Other Worldly

Aliens Creatures and Supernatural Beings

A study in color -- Rice Paper

Variations in Color

Flowers in bloom 2012

Detail Macros

Early Creations

Sold Work

Award Winning